As we venture into a new decade, WORTHGROUP has a lot to celebrate. This month, we are not only welcoming our 67th Tribal Client, we are also celebrating our milestone anniversary of 30 years! We wanted to take a moment to share a bit of our process with you, as we attribute most of our success to our team, our culture and our design approach.

With our design led by discovery approach, WORTHGROUP has been leading the industry in providing innovative design solutions that are both meaningful in narrative and true to our clients’ unique story.

The distinctly diversified WORTHGROUP team focuses on client based relationships, rather than being project based. We believe that this notion, paired with our approach to design, are the key ingredients for both a successful partnership and project.

To help us commemorate our 30 year celebration, we have come up with the three key words for our design process, which we feel has allowed us to be a design partner of choice for three decades! Whether designing signature one-off venues, or major destination resorts, our process and commitment to our clients remains the same. Discover. Collaborate. Deliver.

DISCOVER. This is where we find the soul of the project, and solidify the design direction. The vision and goals of the project are established, and collaboration continues to develop as we set out to lay the foundation for a successful project. Whether utilizing mood boards, built models, virtual reality, or an interactive charrette process, we engage stakeholders to incorporate their ideas and explore perspectives of those involved. This is an opportunity to work through different ideas, understand the diversification, and truly allow for a platform where all voices are heard. Resolutions for differing opinions is often made during this part of the process, which will pay dividends in the long run, to allow for successful project completion.

COLLABORATE. We encourage collaboration early in the process, as it is the most important key element in creating a built environment that continues to tell the stories of its past for generations to come. It is only through collaboration and inspiration that the spirit of our client and the feel of the location can be apparent through the architecture and design. We work together with all stakeholders through the sharing of knowledge and learning, so that we may gain a genuine understanding of what the true inspirations are that need to be communicated through the architecture and interior design, so that this inspiration can continue to excite the community, guests, and future generations to come. This process builds trust and a partnership, one in which all parties are in understanding of one another.

Deliver. Completing a meaningful project that is “on time, within scope, and on budget” is our main priority. During the implementation of our clients’ project, we will utilize our proven methods which allow for that common term to hold true value. The senior project managers that we select for each project are well versed in the many moving parts of managing a project, and are assigned on a project basis. They have reached expert level at project, scope, cost, and schedule management, as well as ongoing quality control. Our quality control process ensures that all team members and other experts within our organization are constantly communicating with our internal and external teams, reviewing information and coordinating documents on a continual basis. Our process utilized through daily design coordination, weekly clash review, re-occurring team meetings, and formal reviews at project milestones to ensure constant review and oversight. Intermittent and milestone drawing reviews occur by senior firm members on other project teams to ensure the project receives the full depth of the firm’s experience.

When it comes to delivering a project to a client, WORTHGROUP sets the bar for a project delivery that is both meaningful and operational.

Discover. Collaborate. Deliver. Three simple words, yet when executed masterfully, they bring about design that is truly engage worthy.

As we continue our design journey over the next 30 years (and beyond), we know that it would not be possible without our employees, clients and industry partners, and we would like to thank all of those that have contributed to making the last 30 years possible.