Hospitality, be definition, is the generous reception of guests, visitors, and strangers. WORTHGROUP understands hospitality. Our design process involves understanding the client, place and culture, which in turn creates an experience unique to each project that caters to the guests' needs, wants and senses. Our team design spaces that connect with people, invigorate communities, and evoke an emotional response.

Gaming & Entertainment

WORTHGROUP was founded in Reno, NV and has been in the casino business since the beginning. We have completed over 350 casino projects varying in scale from small expansions to large-scale, ground up initiatives. We work hand in hand with the client to grasp their vision for the gaming design, but also to understand their goals for ROI on the project. 98% of WORTHGROUP's casino projects surpassed the projected ROI, often covering the cost of the project earlier than planned.

Commercial | Mixed Use

We consider ourselves place makers in addition to architects and designers. We are committed to authenticity and the research and discovery of what makes cities lovable. We're concerned with those features of a project that extend beyond amenities and actively foster public engagement. We believe that commercial, mixed-use project are the ideal canvases to design convenient, necessary retail, office, and residential spaces while simultaneously developing a gathering place that is authentic and invigorating to that specific community.

Community | Urban Design

We design places that foster human interaction... thriving properties that are sensitive to their neighborhood, community/people and nearby buildings. We create dynamic and detailed interior spaces, vibrant connection spaces and streetscapes.

Educational | Institution

We believe that education should never stop. Our team grows and evolves with the institutions we serve to provide spaces that foster growth, innovation and inspiration. With over thirty higher education projects under our belt, WORTHGROUOP is well versed in creating fresh, contemporary learning environments. Our education-based project types include academic centers, stadium expansions, fitness centers, locker rooms, parking garages, computer and classrooms, etc. We are dedicated to understanding how learning is evolving and to creating new designs that align with those principles.