The center is a result of an $8 million gift to the University from the E.L. Wiegand Foundation. Founded in 1982 by E.L. Wiegand the foundation’s purpose is “to develop and strengthen programs and projects: at educational institutions in the academic areas of science, business, fine arts, law, and medicine; and at health institutions in the areas of heart, eye, and cancer surgery, treatment and research, with priority given to programs and projects that benefit children”. Through its impressive gifts, the E. L. Wiegand Foundation has left an indelible imprint on the region’s arts, education, health and wellness and community services. Edwin L. Wiegand was a successful entrepreneur and inventor who made Reno his home in 1971. He died in 1980 at the age of 88, and the E. L. Wiegand Foundation was established in Reno in 1982 for general charitable purposes.

“In keeping with Mr. Wiegand’s strong belief that self-preparedness leads to exciting innovation, we are proud to make this gift to the University of Nevada, Reno. The E. L. Wiegand Fitness Center completes the build-out of the new center of campus and we are delighted to play a part in helping University students meet their futures with strength and determination,” said E. L. Wiegand Foundation Chairman Skip Avansino.

“Learning and development extend beyond the classroom and the total campus experience significantly contributes to the journey of students toward their future careers and lives as citizens,” said University President Marc Johnson. “The E. L. Wiegand Foundation recognizes the importance of valuing the ‘whole picture’ of our students and investing in resources to nurture mind, body and spirit. The E. L. Wiegand Foundation Fitness Center is going to ensure that our campus more fully integrates the wellness of our students into their daily lives.”

The central location of this fitness center will no doubt help students more easily integrate fitness into their daily lives. Read our next post about the strategic location of this new fitness center!