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We are a collection of curious humanists and investigators, inspired by people, art, traveling, nature, history, technology, music, psychology and more. We hold the values of our clients high by listening, learning and expanding upon what they initially imagined was possible. We believe that thoughtful design can shape people's lives - now and for future generations.

Who We Are...


WORTHGROUP opened its doors in 1990 (over a quarter of a century ago). We are licensed in 27 states and Canada, and have delivered hundreds of innovative designs nationally and internationally. We specialize in design and planning for diverse project types, and are authorities in commercial projects including hospitality, retail & mixed-use, community & well-building, gaming, and industrial design. Whether it be renovating an existing facility or designing a completely new, ground up property, we have the creative team of designers, architects, interior designers, planners, and animators to achieve your dreams for your project.


WORTHGROUP Architects & Designers will contribute to an increasing array of industry sectors and be engaged by partners and clients throughout the globe who appreciate our dedication to state-of-the-art technologies, innovation, quality, exceptional design, and budget/schedule adherence. Every project will be approached with progressive ideas, distinguishing solutions and an interactive approach that makes the WORTHGROUP team easy and rewarding to work with.


Every WORTHGROUP project will tell an important story about our clients. Our long-standing commitment to distinctive, quality design and to technical excellence will lead to opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge projects, and to the generation of revenues for our clients. As a result, WORTHGROUP will be the most sought-after partner and employer of choice for the industry’s most creative, resourceful and pioneering talent.

WORTHGROUP has completed projects in 36 states and Canada.

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Equal parts EXPERIENCED know how and FRESHdesign perspective.


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