Jenny is a recent alumna of the University of Minnesota’s College of Design, where she successfully completed her Master of Architecture. Prior to this, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from North Dakota State University. Jenny’s zoological pursuits have encompassed a diverse array of experiences, including conducting research on blackbird behavior for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), tending to primates in various zoo settings, and later engaging in pre-clinical research. While studying architecture, she worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center for Sustainable Building Research where she was instrumental in the development of a public exhibition on biophilic design. Working on the exhibition allowed her to seamlessly integrate her passion for design with her deep-rooted affinity for the natural world. In her current role as an Architectural Intern, Jenny aspires to cultivate her unique design sensibilities and emerge as an advocate for the holistic development of architectural design principles.


  • Sugar Creek Hotel | Hinton, OK
  • Comanche Cache Casino | Cache, OK