We are revolutionizing the overall design process by taking advantage of technologies that allow solutions to be more thoroughly and instantly communicated. Emerging trends in real-time interfacing, virtual reality, enhanced user control and the seamless integration of these technologies are among the most groundbreaking advancements currently being implemented. Our clients benefit from our use of such tools both throughout their project and during their marketing phase.

Until recently, design visualization was delivered as a (still) rendered image, or viewed by the end user as a fixed video with a predetermined camera path and overall content set by our design team. Now, real-time, interactive deliverables are the preferred solution, allowing our clients to shift from “observer” to “participant” status. Experiencing the design through a virtual environment, our clients can walk through a space at their own pace, open doors and windows, and tour the space in the direction they prefer.

iPad Augmented Reality

Portable tool to view actual and virtual space simultaneously

Interactive Click-Thru Tour

Viewable on-screen for large demonstrations

HTC ViveHeadset

Fully-immersive virtual reality experience

We use technology to connect our clients to their projects.

The outcome of WORTHGROUP’S capabilities in the virtual reality realm include the ability for commercial clients to view the design at anytime, anywhere and on any device – a capability that is changing the perception of a typical design meeting. Now, from various locations, clients, designers, architects, contractors and consultants can enter “into” the simulated project together, and walk to a selected area to discuss its overall design vision, performance goals, budget, challenges, constructability, functionality, coordination and scheduling, all while standing “in” the project.