Hospitality Design is constantly evolving to differentiate the brand and elevate the guest experience. Interior Designer and Hospitality Specialist Maui Johnson shares her insight on 5 design trends to watch in 2017.

Color Me Bold

Vibrant accents of color are a trend we’ve been seeing in hospitality design. The base palette is often muted, neutral tones brought to life with pops of bold colors that truly define the identity and experience of the hotel. Greenery has been named the Pantone color of the year for 2017 and we predict the desire to cleverly incorporate this color into design concepts this year.

Be Social

Historically, hotel guests were greeted by a large reception desk upon entry. Now, we are seeing a movement to do away with the formality of the front desk and in its place offer community, social spaces such as coffee bars, kitchens, and cozy lounge areas that instantly makes guests feel immersed in the local ambiance and encourage a sense of comradery.

Get Personal

The hotel experience should feel personal and be tailored to each guest. This can be achieved in a variety of design decisions including thoughtful, fun graphic details such as individual welcome mats outside the guestrooms, or “hello beautiful” lettering on the bathroom mirror.

In With The Old

We’re seeing a return to the past. Design that nods to the history and context of a building or neighborhood adds soul to the guest experience. Incorporating meaningful historical elements such as original/antique signage or reclaimed wood or stone finishes from a significant location can add a deeper layer to the design story.

Smart Design

We’re seeing the rise of Smart Hotels that integrate technology into design. The use of technology not only offers guests a level of convenience during their stay, but also unexpected moments of personalization and delight. Guests can now check-in, control lighting and temperature, and order concierge services from their phone or tablet. Some hotel brands are even experimenting with bar systems that automatically pour a specific type of wine as the guest enters the room.