In celebration of College Day in Colorado, WORTHGROUP is highlighting some famous architecture from colleges around the country and throughout history!

Did you know more than one university claims to be the first university in the United States? Harvard was founded in 1637 , but College of William and Mary is the first college to become a university. There is also University of Pennsylvania, which -while it does not claim to be America’s first college – it does claim to be the first university in America.

Regardless of who holds the title for first college or university, all three higher educational institutions share more than the possible title for first university; all have historical and ornate architecture.


College Yard was the first piece of land purchased for Harvard University. It now serves as a common area for students to gather.

The Fisher Fine Arts Library at UPenn makes one feel they have been transported to a fairy tale!

The Wren Building at William & Mary College is the oldest college building in the U.S. and was designed by the same architect that designed St. Peter’s Cathedral in London!

Locally, Colorado universities and colleges have some stunning architecture as well. The University of Denver – founded in 1864 (before Colorado was even a state!) – is the oldest university in Denver, and that is clear by the beautiful buildings and architecture seen throughout campus.


The University Hall at DU once served as housing, dining, and classrooms for all students. The bricks are two different colors because Colorado School of Mines football team blew up part of the building back when DU had a football team!


In Fort Collins, CSU has some historical buildings with equally historic stories.

Spruce Hall is CSU’s oldest building. It has been around since 1881 and is now the office for continuing education and office of admissions.

Just down the road, at CU Boulder some buildings have quirky features to better service the CU students.

The Hale Science building – named after the second president of CU – was built without iron nails so radio experiments could be performed inside.

On this College Friday, WORTHGROUP would like to recognize our partner at the University of Nevada Reno for giving us the opportunity to work on redesigning the E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center and Mackey Stadium. We can’t wait for these buildings to be just as famous at the aforementioned ones!

Students can get fit at the Fitness Center in August 2017 (anticipated).

UNR students can cheer on the wolfpack in new comfy seating in June 2016 (anticipated).